Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another article on Scribd

Second time this week! 
I posted my article: "Learning from the Past: Digitization and Information Loss" on Scribd where you can read it for free using this link. It was originally published in B Sides this last May, but since B Sides is awesome and lets authors keep control of rights over their work, I can distribute it as I wish! To see the article on the B Sides site, go here.  
"Learning from the Past" is an article that provides an overview of digitization issues and current solutions to information loss for those who are somewhat new to the subject. 
As always, let me know if you have any questions or noticed anything in the article that piqued your interest!

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  1. I thought I would add an update here for readers who try to access my Scribd documents: after logging into Scribd with my Facebook account, I changed my Facebook password because I had not done so in a while. For some reason, this deleted my account (along with my documents) so you will not, in fact, be able to view any of my work on Scribd. I contacted them and got a response that they weren't sure what happened. It is a useful site, but I will be hesitant about setting up an account and posting there in the future!